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Project DG

Labs Prototype

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Educational Marker Augmented Reality App

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hands-free VR

navigation Tool


Client Project

GOLF Launch Simulator Experience

Client Work

VR for Hospital Patients

Client Work


Virtual Reality - Our Technologies

Part Time Evil was founded by 3d video game developers with experience in VR development dating back to 2001. Our artists and developers are leaders in VR experience development, and we are leading-edge researchers in mobile Augmented Reality.

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Virtual Reality - Full Rendered CG Graphics

The classic VR experience is a computer-generated graphics experience. This means that we build a scene out of purely digital objects. Our artists have decades of experience building realistic and stylized scenes for 3d.


Virtual Reality - 360 VR Video with PTE Sphere

Part Time Evil Labs is responsible for our full spherical 360 video framework. We can build a native app for your product fast and affordably, using the PTE Sphere framework. Native apps allow you to stay in touch with customers, share the download link in marketing materials, show videos offline, and use sophisticated interactions within videos.


Augmented Reality - PTE Reality Engine

We created our PTE Reality Engine using a combination of AR technology and computer vision. This allows us to create augmented reality experiences that are imagination-first! We fully leverage ARKit, ARCore, and Vuforia technologies to create rich AR experiences. Contact us about your idea.