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Labs Prototype

VR for Hospital Patients

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GOLF Launch Simulator Experience

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hands-free VR 


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Voice Controlled VR Marketplace

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Boom - Augmented Reality Physics GAme

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PUzzle Football

PTE Product


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Part Time Evil was founded by 3d video game developers with experience in VR development dating back to 2001. Our artists and developers are leaders in VR experience development, and we are leading-edge researchers in mobile Augmented Reality.  We rely on best-in-class platforms, the our experienced team members, and our own proprietary technologies to build novel products and experiences for our clients.


Virtual Reality  

360 VR Video with PTE Sphere

Our proprietary framework, PTE Sphere, is a plug-and-play product that combines 360 VR Videos with a 3D interactive layer.  With PTE Sphere, we can accelerate development for highlighting points-of-interest, navigation cues, and space-to-space movement in 3D and publish to native apps such as iOS, Android, Cardboard, Daydream, GearVR, HTC Vive and more.


augmented Reality  

PTE Reality Engine

We created our PTE Reality Engine using a combination of AR technology and computer vision. A step beyond the typical marker-based AR experience, PTE Reality Engine uses computer vision to recognize everyday objects. Combining the technology with ARKit/ARCore, Vuforia, and other platforms enables us to create augmented reality experiences that are imagination-first. 

Virtual Reality + augmented reality

Optimized CG Graphics 

The classic VR experience is a computer-generated graphics experience. Whether it's building realistic or stylized scenes, intricate characters or everyday objects, the performance of the experience can make or break the user experience. Our integrated 3D programming team includes technical artists who know every trick in the book to ensure our designs are both beautiful and performant across all hardware options.



part time evil is a design technology studio that is passionate about crafting novel experiences with fresh storytelling.

Our story-centric approach that comes from our roots in immersive video games and the performing arts. This history of weaving never-been-done-before technologies with immersive interactive storytelling is embedded in our DNA. In our labs division, we stay ahead of the curve through play and experimentation with new mixed reality software and technologies. We bring that same innovative and radical curiosity to crafting tomorrow's products for our clients.


User Research
Concept Expressions
Product Planning


HTC Vive
iOS and Android
ARKit and ARCore



Cross Platform Design
Game Design
User Story Creation
Wireframe Prototyping
Location-Based Experiences 

3D Art

Concept Art
3D Modeling
3D Development
Platform Integrations
Performance Optimizations

we were founded on bold thinking and a desire to break out from the mundane and the "been there done that."


Our clients and parters have the same mindset. Whether it's a long-term partnership or a quick-win relationship, we bring our arsenal of novel creativity, unique storytelling, and a love of new technology to craft the best experiences for ourselves, our clients, and their customers.

The technology landscape may be ever-shifting, but a focus on authentic story-telling will never grow stale.  Whether we are exploring augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, or new hardware, we always think story-first. 


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