What is PTE Sphere?

We created a plug-and-play product that combines 360 VR Videos and a VR interactive layer.

Guests interact with important objects in videos and find out more. They can also go through doors that connect rooms. The result is a hybrid of 3d video and virtual reality. Scroll down for how we do it:

Screenshot 2016-10-27 13.28.45.png

It all starts with a 360 VR Video

Bring your own 360 VR Video, or our production team will shoot the moments for you, either from the terra firma or from a drone. 

(drag on the image below to look around)

...Point out Landmarks

Tell us where the important landmarks are in your VR scene. Imagine showing important features of a real estate development, landmarks on archaeological tours, or places to visit in a music festival.  PTE Sphere can easily show what's important.

More than one room?

If you have more than one room in your VR experience, we'll add a door! It highlights so that your guests know that it's open.  Using the door acts as a portal; imagine the ability to walk from room-to-room in a museum, and each one is a VR experience. Or picture showing a newly built house in a 3d interactive experience.

Publish and Go!

Our system is set up to publish to all of your mobile users. Using our proprietary software, you can send a simple link to your guests so they can download and play on mobile!

We currently publish to iOS, Android, Cardboard, Daydream, GearVR, HTC Vive (and more coming soon).


  • 360 VR Video (Mono, Side-By-Side, Top-Bottom)
  • Points of Interest Popups
  • Native App (not dependent on services or websites)
  • Streaming or Local video
  • Room-to-Room Navigation