New Demo: 360 Video and VR hybrid

The following video is a demo of our ability to create a 3d scene (in this case we just made a pleasant island scene). Then we rendered this from a virtual camera to a 360 video. 

If you have needs for VR development or 360 video production, contact us here.

If you're on iPhone or Android, just click the video below and choose to "Open with Youtube app." If you have the app, you can just turn your phone to look around in VR.

If you're on a desktop, just make sure you are using Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. 

NOTE: Youtube has a habit of showing video in low quality. Click the gear on the right side in both mobile apps and desktop and choose Quality. Then you can ramp it up to HD.

Background: This was created in Unity3d as a VR scene. Once we created the scene in Unity, we filmed it with a virtual 360 degree camera. Then we processed our interactive video for the new YouTube 360 video viewer, which allows you to view 360 degree videos with or without goggles.