360 VR Video Original - 360 degrees on the 360 Bridge

We drove a car across the route 360 bridge in Austin with a 360 (spherical) camera mounted on the top. The result is a POV view that looks just like a driving video game. Check it out, and let us know here if we can help you create new experiences for your business.

Click the video to play in Youtube. As always: 360 VR videos do not play in Safari. We recommend Chrome on the desktop, or the native Youtube app on most phones (you can turn your phone around or even use your google cardboard for VR). We recommend sound for this one...Vrrooom!

If you are unfamiliar with 360 video, it is a spherical video that makes you feel like you are actually there!  You can look around in any angle. It is sometimes called VR Video, but we usually call it that when it's stereoscopic. Most 360 spherical videos (like this one) are monoscopic.