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A World of Virtual Reality Content. Controlled by Voice.

Client Project 

Our client a startup that endeavored to create the first and largest VR content marketplace in the world. 

They wanted hands-free navigation and simple discovery, sharing, and viewing

Rapid Prototyping

In a few short weeks, our team designed and built a native app platform allowing users to seamlessly navigate while immersed in a full 360 VR experience.





Gaze-based + voice control

The apps lets users control navigation, discovery, sharing and viewing with minimal gaze movements and with voice.





Simple, Intuitive Content Management

Using an easy web interface, users can upload VR videos to their channel, easily organize and tag with categories, and instantly publish to become accessible via mobile VR app.




No Lag Time

Efficient back-end allows users to browse and view huge amounts of hi-resolution content with no lag time.